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Magic grill white

Code: AGM24W
Brand: Abien
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The most popular electric grill in the Japanese Teppanyaki style. The magic grill from abien is synonymous with the perfect electric grill, the use of which is ideal for preparing healthy dishes with a minimum amount of fat. Its use ranges from grilling juicy meat, to tender fish, to vegetables, pancakes and fritters.

Package contents: Grill plate, 2x stand, power cable, user manual

Detailed information

Product detailed description

With the Magic grill, preparing delicious meals is easy for all age groups. The Magic grill is a great companion for family dinners and gatherings with friends, whether at home, on the balcony or while camping. This grill provides a unique cooking and dining experience. abien aims to introduce people to the Japanese lifestyle and show what "good" means through exceptional technology and premium design. Abien combines innovative technologies with excellent design and believes that the joy of new experiences is universal for all generations and genders. Their mission is to bring joy to people's lives through technology, ideas and elegant Japanese design.

Highlights of the Abien Magid Grill

Non-stick grill surface
Unique grill plate technology
Simple control
Easy maintenance and cleaning
Practical storage
Energy saving
Design and awards received

Grill with non-stick surface
With the abien Magic grill, you will no longer need oil. Its special coating ensures that food does not stick to the plate, allowing you to cook healthy meals without or with minimal use of oil. Thanks to the fact that the food does not burn on the grill and the fat does not drip onto the heating elements, excessive smoke does not arise during cooking. This means healthy cooking without unpleasant smells. You can comfortably grill

Technology of grilling plates of the magic grill
Featuring built-in heating elements and innovative polymer heat foil technology, magic grill grill plates ensure perfect and even cooking. The combination of the heat source and the grill plate is designed to react quickly and return the temperature back to the set value after placing a cooler dish, thus preventing uneven cooking and damage to the grill plate. The mirror surface at the bottom helps with even heat distribution.

Easy maintenance and cleaning
Cleaning the Magic Grill is simple - just wipe the surface with a paper towel. The grill plate and bases can be easily removed for washing and storage in an upright position, saving space in the kitchen.

Quick preparation and cleaning
When the Magic Grill needs to be used again, just attach the bases to the magnets and plug in the power cord. The grill is ready to use in seconds.

Important note: Do not use a dishwasher or abrasive cleaners for washing.

Energy saving and lower electricity costs
Grill Magic is designed with energy efficiency in mind, reducing energy consumption by up to 40% compared to traditional grill plates. Its low consumption is advantageous for both indoor and outdoor use, including powering from portable power sources.

Design and awards received
With its elegant, minimalist and intelligent Japanese Teppanyaki design, the abien Magic grill has won the "GOOD DESIGN AWARD" in Japan and has become a popular product in the tabletop grill category.

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